How to adjust the perspective of images with Google Photos

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Table of Contents

Google Photos new editor

Google Photos launched its renewed image editor in Spain during the month of October. This new photo editor allows us to perform more actions than before, with a series of new filters and new tools. One of the new tools that Google has introduced in its editor is the ability to change the perspective on your images.

Perspective adjustment is a way to correct Those photos that have not been taken correctly, like they are tilted. Google Photos allows us to make those images look the way we want them. So it is a simple way to correct a wrong perspective in a photo.

This is how this tool is used in Google Photos

Google Photos edit perspective

This function can be of help to us on many occasionsBoth with photos that we have taken of landscapes or people, as with photos of documents or papers. There are times when those images that we have captured are not aligned and need some corrections, something that we can apply with this tool in Google Photos. So we will not need a third-party editor to apply changes.

In this function we will be able to choose ourselves cropping the image freely, adjusting your perspective. When you use it, you will be able to see that you will not only be able to crop the image, but that you will be able to adjust its position / perspective, in order to obtain the desired result. The steps to use it are:

  1. Open Google Photos on your phone.
  2. Find the image you want to correct.
  3. Get into that photo.
  4. Click on the three stripes icon to edit.
  5. Go to the Crop tab.
  6. Click on the icon on the right, with four curves.
  7. Adjust the perspective of the photo.
  8. If you want to see if the photo has been adjusted the way you want, press and hold to see the preview.
  9. Once the photo has the desired result, click the Done button.

With these steps said photo or a part of the photo will be corrected, with the right perspective you were looking to have. Those photos that you have modified with this tool will be saved in the application, so that you will be able to share them later or simply have them saved in your account.

This tool in Google Photos can be a good help for android users. If you have photos whose perspective you want to improve, this feature will make it possible in just a few steps.

How to adjust the perspective of images with Google Photos 1

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