How to adjust perspective in images

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Table of Contents

A good example is the photography of documents, sheets and various papers. Usually they are not done in an aligned and fitted way so it is necessary to correct them. However, it can also occur in photographs that we take with the terminal, some of them that come out at an angle or do not have the perfect angle.

Google Photos

Contrary to what the name suggests, this tool is not only an option that allows us to crop an image, but also allows us to do it freely. That is, we do not select a rectangle to eliminate the rest, but four points and what is inside is modified to fit the new rectangle. In this way, we will achieve this perspective adjustment.

google photos menu crop

The house never begins with the roof, so first we must make sure that we are running the latest version of Google Photos in order to test it. It will only be enough to go to the Play Store and update the app, otherwise we cannot enjoy the tool.

Find the new perspective tool

Now, we look for a photo in which we want to modify the perspective. First, we touch the settings icon at the bottom of the screen, where we see a icon with three horizontal lines to edit various parameters of the image. From there, we briefly slide to the “Crop” tab. We will find three options of different utilities, the last one just to the right of the rotate button which will help us to adjust the perspective. Go ahead and touch it.

Adjust the perspective of your photos

Now, it only remains to drag the four circular handles in the corners to make the lines parallel to the subject on all sides. It’s a bit tricky to master, but Google Photos makes it easy for us with a enlarged preview so that we can clearly see where the adjustment is made. When we’re done, hit “Done,” then make sure to hit “Save,” and you’re done.

google photos adjust perspective

There we can choose the four points of our photographed document so that we have an image exclusively of paper. As we mentioned, it also serves to correct the perspective in images deformed by the position in which we take it. This photograph of an area in a crossfit gym is a good example. In order to straighten the area where the tire is, we must move the upper and lower points so that the sides of the trim box are parallel to the elements, in this case with the rotation of the tire.