How to add nicknames to your cards in the app

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Table of Contents

If you have added several credit and / or debit cards to the payment platform Google Pay to pay online and in stores, and it is difficult for you to know which entity each card is from, then you will like this way of organizing credit cards.

Google Pay: pay in thousands of stores, websites and apps
Google Pay: pay in thousands of stores, websites and apps

It is possible thanks to a renewed interface

The possibility that the platform gives us to organize our cards is thanks to a renewal of the interface that leaves a different distribution of the elements. As soon as we open Google Pay we have access to our payment cards without contact, to our loyalty cards and the option to add more cards. Before, to access a loyalty card, you had to go to the ‘Passes’ tab.

The ‘Payment’ tab has now been moved to the side menu under the name of ‘Payment methods’, where we will also find the ‘Activity’ history with our purchases, information that previously appeared on the home screen.

disappears from the side menu was the access to know the list of compatible banks. Now the only thing we find is an option that helps to configure payments contactless, informing us if our mobile has NFC, if the application is configured as the default payment application, if we have added a card, etc.

Google Pay, how to add a nickname to a card

As always happens when there is a functionality that comes to light in an application, the first thing to do is go to the Play Store to update it to the latest version available. Except for certain cases, we rarely find new content without having updated absolutely anything.

google pay add nickname

To add a name we just have to open the application Google Pay, go to tab Payment, click on a card and look for the new option Add a nickname. There we can assign a name of up to 25 characters.

google pay nickname cards

Once we have given our cards a nickname in the main view of the application, we will see their names instead of their last four digits. Only on cards supported for contactless payments we will see the bank layoutIn those not supported we will see only the Visa, Mastercard or American Express icon. In any case, thanks to this function we will have all the cards much better organized, knowing by the nickname which one we should go to in each purchase or transaction.