How to add friends in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

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Table of Contents

If you are looking for new friends or already have a circle of friends to play this remastered version. It is a fairly simple process, which requires a few steps to get to play with our friends.


A game with many possibilities

To be a remastered and adapted version of other consoles, the Square Enix title offers much of the content for free. It is something that the developer has emphasized, leaving the first year of play as playable content, that is, the first three dungeons, the rest of the title being accessible through payment. It is something that the Lite version already had for consoles.

add friends final fantasy menu

It also includes a mode multiplayer up to 4 players in the same game or server. Of course, we will not find more real players on the map, since everything will be about carrying out missions and overcoming dungeons cooperatively. Keep in mind that if one member of the group has the full version of the game, the rest you can enjoy the same benefits even having the free version, which makes it interesting to share expenses.

How to Add Friends to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

To add friends in this Final Fantasy game and play cooperative missions, it is a simple process that is followed within the title interface. After skipping the first scenes of the story, where we have a tutorial to get hold of the controls, we will be able to return to the main screen with the map view. From there, the following is:

  1. Go to the section of “Menu”, located in the upper right corner.
  2. Later, all the options available to the game will appear. We spin the wheel and click on «Depart Together».add friends final fantasy options
  3. A new menu will appear to choose between various formats. We have the option “Host”, “Join” or “Quick Match.”

add friends final fantasy private room

While the last two formats are used to join an open room in our region or any game, the first is for the opposite. That’s where we can create a private game and choose the friends we want to add. If we click on that option, we can set the number of participants and determine if it will be public or just for friends. But pay attention, because before we do that, we must have our friends added in the “Friends” section located in the menu. From there, we can get the invitation code to start playing together.