How to activate the suppressor in Android

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Table of Contents

And you say, what is that? In Free Fire jargon, it refers to those phone settings that prevents screen movements from being too jerky, increasing the effectiveness with headshots. For example, if you are shooting at an enemy and raise your sights, the suppressor prevents it from going to the sky and allows the movement of your weapon to be more fluid, being able to put the scope from chest to head.

Garena Free Fire: Booyah Day
Garena Free Fire: Booyah Day

How to activate the suppressor in Free Fire

To begin you must go to the «Settings» of the terminal, and then access the section “Accessibility”. All this depends on the terminal we have, since in some models it is found within the «Intelligent Assistance» menu, in others, within «Additional Settings». In case of not finding that accessibility section anywhere, we can use the search engine that already provide us with the settings in most devices.

suppressor free fire settings accessibility

Within «Accessibility», we must choose the option “Click after the pointer stops moving”. The “Yes” option is usually disabled by default, so you just have to enable it. Below you will see the option “Delay time before clicking”, which is automatically in the middle.

suppressor free fire click delay settings

Now, we must take it all to the right or put it at 100%, and ready. As we have mentioned a few lines above, this depends on the model, since other phones we can find this configuration as “Click when the cursor stops”, “Automatic mouse click”, “Dwell time”

Can there be a risk of banning for configuring these settings?

There is always the question of knowing if this type of tricks or improvements have serious consequences on our Free Fire account. Remember that in this battle royale it is one of the most recurrent for hackers to act with different tactics and methods. Garena he usually watches a lot is kind of cheats and hacks in his game, severely punishing the players who play it with the elimination of accounts and permanent bans.

activate suppressor free fire

When asked if this technique will affect our account or is there a risk of banning, the answer is flatly no. Garena punishes players who use third-party applications to modify your phone’s software in any way to gain an advantage in games. But in this case, this practice is totally legal, since you are modifying a setting on your phone; how you would adjust the screen brightness, or the Sound, Vibration or Do Not Disturb modes; so you can set the suppressor this way without fear.