How to activate the Environment of Google Assistant

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Table of Contents

Within the multiple functions offered by the wizard of the big G, but not so well known among the users as it was presented recently and is coming progressively to all terminals possible. However, it has a utility huge, so it is important to know what it does and compatible devices.

For what serves me the Way Environment?

Is the question that do that are unrelated to this topic. Well, it is a function that converts our device, either smartphone or tablet, in a personal assistant while this is loading. In this way, the terminal can continue to work in any field by voice control, although not what we can take during that time.

How to activate the Environment of Google Assistant 1

In this way, Google Assistant to take complete control of the device to comply with the orders that we gave. Manage reminders, display the weather, turn on options like the bluetooth, set alarms or play music. You can perform more tasks, but in the final analysis, are the typical meets an app of this type.

This can be very useful both for the smartphone or the tablet that we use for day-to-day, as for taking a relic from the drawer and give it a second life. Would always have it plugged in to the mains, so that there would be no battery problems, and will fulfill the functions of a wizard such as Alexa or Google Home, but without spending that money.

How to activate Google Assistant

To activate the Environment and configure it to our taste, there are that first proceed to the app of Google, and clicking on “More”, we will see clearly the option to enter the menu of “Settings”. Once there, we headed to the “Wizard of Google” and then to the tab “Assistant”. In that menu, go down to find the section in “Phone” or “Device”.

Well, since we’re within that setting, we can enable or disable the Wizard of Google for that device in particular, to activate ‘OK, Google’, and below that, are the settings of the Mode Environment. Activate it and then if we put it to load, it will be implemented in full. It may be the case that you send us the settings of the smartphone or tablet to give it the necessary permissions.

How to activate the Environment of Google Assistant 4

There really is not much to customize, you can simply configure the selection of photos and little more. This is so that the wizard displays on the terminal a display of the pictures that we have chosen, while it is charging, and we’re not using. A little trick to get the best performance, is to activate the option just above it called “personal Results in the lock screen”. Its activation allows you to send messages and check email if the device is not using.