How to activate the COVID-19 information layer

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Table of Contents

It is a tool that can provide a solution to the existence of cases in each area, city or town, reporting information on both infections and deaths, if any. In short, it recommends whether or not it is advisable to travel to that point depending on your epidemiological situation.

Maps - Navigation and public transport

Google Maps offers a layer of information on COVID-19

It is a feature that has been added for this purpose to shed light on the situation in each region, in addition to other tools that Google Maps has added during the pandemic. It does not show it with graphs or statistics but in cape shape, that is, as it shows the satellite view or the existing traffic.

covid-19 layers google maps information cases

In this way, you will offer simplified information but with a overview of the entire map. However, the information is expanded if we click on any of the country’s regions, not only in Spain, but also in all the world. It is not that they are infallible and totally faithful to reality data, it is information that Google is collecting from its different sources such as WHO or hospitals, but it is a good orientation tool to know the most affected areas.

How to activate the COVID-19 layer in Google Maps

The update, which will reach all countries where Google Maps is available, including Spain, will allow us to know the trend in cases of Coronavirus in the sites we search in the app. It is a new layer of information that visually shows how many new cases of COVID-19 have been declared in each zone. To activate it, you just have to follow a few simple steps, as if we wanted to activate other types of layers such as satellite, traffic or relief layer.

covid-19 layers google maps types

First, before looking at data on the Coronavirus, you have to update the app to have the latest version and contain this function. Once in the interface, we will click on the icon “Layers”, where we will find all types of maps. This is where we will see a layer called “COVID-19 Info”, which when pressed, will show us all the data detailed above. It is important to know that the data reflected is not in real time, but shows the amount average of the week for every 100.00 people, but it is already a good indicator.