How to activate space saving mode

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Table of Contents

And is that Google has thought about this problem and has improved its application for the camera to comply with this potential problem. It is obvious that the storage of the devices, constantly increasing, is still not infinite, so it can be a very useful tool to get rid of photos that we do not excessively need.

Requirements to have this saving mode

To enjoy this very useful function, especially if we do not have much space, we cannot do it until we know some requirements. And it is that first you have to have the correct version of the Google Camera app. It is an option that can only be seen from the version 8.1 from the camera app or higher.

In the same way, we must take into account the version of our Android. Since it is a version released together with the Google Pixel 5, it can only be installed on those devices that already have Android 11, not even in Android 10. It is a detail that is not foreseen at any time but that the APKMirror installer tells us, a specific program that we must have on the device to add version 8.1 of Google Camera, which we will discuss a little more ahead.

How to activate the saving mode of Google Camera

In a new camera setting, present in this version of Google Camera 8.1, several options related to storage space on the mobile are displayed. At the top there is a progress bar where it is indicated how much space you have left and for how many photos and video minutes I should give you

Just below, you can activate space saving mode, which is something like a shortcut to change various camera settings that will reduce the size of the photos and videos you take with your mobile. Specifically, the settings to save photos in RAW format, the resolution of photos and videos, and photos in motion are changed Motion Photos.

google camera activate saving mode

This mode is presented as an emergency option when you hardly have space left on your mobile, and it is possible to configure it so that automatically deactivates when you have more than 1 GB free again . Finally, a shortcut is included to open Google Files, the application with which you can free up space on your mobile.

Install Google Camera 8.1 with APKMirror

The app is usually updated on Google Play when new features arrive, but they are not always available for all devices or it simply takes time to arrive. That is why there is always the option to install the applications externally, although this time it will not be the typical APK file.

It is something similar, and the process is still simple, but we need a specific installer since we are dealing with APKM files. It is a new format derived from App Bundles, which is considered the future of applications because it has many advantages over APK files.

google camera install .1

However, it is more difficult to install in a terminal, so we have to download the APKMirror installer. Otherwise it is not possible to implement an APKMirror file, as the native Android installer is not supported. Once version 8.1 of Google Camera has also been downloaded, also from the APKMirror page, we look for the APKM format and automatically it installs in the terminal.