How to activate secret options

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Table of Contents

There are many Launchers and Nova Launcher has a menu of hidden features (and experimental) that many people do not know. Activating this menu will allow you to enjoy functions that still do not work quite well.

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher

How to activate secret options

For those who want to be up to date and discover what is about to come to Nova Launcher next, it is possible to access a secret menu called Nova Labs, from where we can also access the experimental functions, which are the options that can precisely make the app not work at its best.

nova launcher secret options settings

Accessing the hidden menu of features in Nova Launcher is very easy, although, as we said, it is in the testing phase and that is why they are not available to all audiences. To be able to activate this secret menu of Nova Launcher, all you have to do is enter the launcher settings, and press and hold the volume down button on the phone. Thus, a menu called Nova Labs will appear, whose interior is made up of features not yet available to everyone.

Secret options that we can have in Nova Launcher

Once that secret menu is activated, we will have access to the different options offered by this new section in the launcher settings. We can modify several aspects, both in personalization issues, in the access of certain permissions to the terminal or in debugging some parts of the operation of the app. There are several settings, but we are going to highlight the most interesting ones:

  • Export in PNG format in the long press menu: It gives the option to export totally transparent images of widgets, folders and shortcuts. This is very useful for using these images with image editing programs, such as Photoshop or Snapseed.

nova launcher secret options labs

  • Skip the system topic: If you have a mobile phone whose manufacturer has included a customization layer on top of the software, it is possible to use the native icons of each app instead of those imposed by the customization layer in question, simply by activating this option.

nova launcher secret options options

  • Show all the information of your phone: If, for any reason, you need to see specific information about your device’s hardware or software, and you don’t want to download an app for this purpose, Nova can help you. In the Nova Labs menu, display the “Debug” tab and click on “Show device info”. A menu will appear on the screen to show you data such as the brand, manufacturer, Android version and much, much more.