How to activate dark mode on Facebook for Android

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Many Android applications available in Spain they already have dark mode, although one as popular as Facebook did not yet have this possibility. A few weeks ago this function was finally shown in the beta of the social network, which already made it clear that it would soon be available to all users on Android. That moment has come.

Dark mode makes its entrance into the Facebook application for Android. Thanks to this new mode, the interface of the social network will change and a dark background will be placed that makes it more comfortable to use it at night or less aggressive for the user’s eyes.

Activate dark mode on Facebook for Android

Facebook enable dark mode

Applications like Instagram had already introduced the dark mode in their version on Android this year. Facebook has been waiting, but finally this dark mode is already out of its beta. This dark mode is not a night mode, but the background turns a very dark gray, as you can see. So it is not oriented so much to save battery, but to make the use of the social network more comfortable. The steps for its activation are:

  1. Open Facebook on your Android phone.
  2. Click on the three horizontal stripes in the upper right.
  3. Scroll down to Settings and privacy.
  4. Enter Dark Mode.
  5. Tap On or system.

By having it activated, we can see how the background of the social network acquires the aforementioned dark gray tone. Also when entering a publication we will see this color. If we enter the comments section of a publication, the bubbles where the comments are seen are shown in a slightly lighter gray tone, compared to the dark gray of the interface.

Facebook dark mode

The new dark mode on the social network is convenient to use and allows smooth reading of publications. It can be a good option to use if you want to avoid using that powerful white background that the social network uses today. This mode is already being deployed among the users of the application on Android, so if you have it installed, check that you have the latest version and you may already get this option.

How to activate dark mode on Facebook for Android 1


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