How to activate Audio Only mode on Android

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Table of Contents

And it is that there is a custom of relating the platform to video-only content, but certainly Twitch is expanding borders to other horizons. It is more common to see along the platform lots of music or content It does not necessarily require watching it, so you can do without the video. To do this, Twitch activated a function at the time that we are going to see how it works.

What is this Audio Only mode for?

Mostly, it is intended for all those streams They don’t require video to consume that type of content. In general, this option can be used in live with music sessions, as a podcast or in streamers who are simply chatting with their followers or subscribers via chat, rated on the platform as Just chatting.

Another alternative can be, although less used and with more constraints, to use Twitch’s Audio Only mode to benefit mobile performance. That is, that search for save battery, or failing that, mobile data, it may be a good idea to only use audio in live shows during certain times. The Twitch app is one of the most consuming among all the software, reaching up to 50% of the internet rate in a moderately extensive use.

How to activate Audio Only mode

To activate this function, it is not necessary to go to the app settings or anything like that, since everything is done from the same stream we are attending. Therefore, to listen to music or content only in audio, we must do the following:

  1. We access the app to later go to stream what we want to see or, rather, listen.
  2. Next, click on the video and the different buttons will appear, such as the one for comments or the live pause. In addition, there is a gear icon that belongs to its settings.twitch audio only mode
  3. Well, click on that icon and slide down that menu, where it says “Display options”. As you can see, click on «Audio only».

Channels for Audio Only option

We find a somewhat limited offer of channels or stations to listen to, but with different themes and increasingly growing. Some of the ones that most followers enjoy are the following: