How to activate and deactivate OK Google on my Android

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Table of Contents

Voice assistants have become a fundamental part of everyday life for many users. Thanks to them, you can check the calendar, send text messages, put music on your favorite platform, see the weather forecast or call any contact. Obviously, the biggest advantage of this type of tool is activate them with a voice command, without the need to manually interact with the device.

In the case of Google Assistant, suffice it to say OK Google for the assistant to start listening. Beyond smart home devices, this command is also available on Android. We explain how to activate and deactivate it easily and step by step.

First of all, go to the Android settings and locate the option Google.

Google settings

Then, click on the option Account services.

Account services settingsAccount services settings

Open the section Search, Assistant & Voice.

Assistant, search and voice settingsAssistant, search and voice settings

Tap on Google assistant to open the Google Assistant settings.

Wizard optionsWizard options

In the list of options, choose Voice Match.

Voice Match settingsVoice Match settings

Activate the slider that you will see next to the option Ok google.

Activate OK GoogleActivate OK Google

After doing this, Google will create a model with your voice to improve recognition. Tap on Next to continue.

Start wizard setupStart wizard setup

Repeat the phrase Ok google naturally three times. Afterwards, your voice model will have been registered and the assistant will be activated with your voice.

Create voice modelCreate voice model

Note that this does not mean that Google Assistant only responds to your voice. Other users can activate it and, in the event that the phone is unlocked, make inquiries that include personal data. On the other hand, not all devices support listening with the screen off. Therefore, depending on the brand and model of your terminal, you can only invoke the Google assistant with the screen on.

If, after using Google Assistant with your voice, you are not convinced and you prefer to deactivate it, follow the steps mentioned at the beginning of this article and deactivate the option Ok google.

Disable Google AssistantDisable Google Assistant

You should know that this does not uninstall the assistant from your device, but rather it prevents active listening in search of the voice command. Ok google.