How to activate and customize the Always on Display Mode on your Android mobile

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Table of Contents

The Always on Display Mode has been around for a few yearsin Android phones in Spain and more and more brands are introducing this function, as OnePlus has recently done in Oxygen OS 11. This function allows the phone to display a series of data without needing to unlock the phone, so that we have immediate access to such information. Usually it is usually the time, date, battery percentage, as well as icons with notifications (although not the content of them).

More and more brands on Android have adopted this Always on Display Mode on their phones, also called Active Mode or Ambient Mode. If you have a phone compatible with it (present only in models with OLED or AMOLED panel), we will show you how to activate and customize this mode.

How to activate the Always on Display Mode on Android

Enable Always on Display

If we want to use this function on the phone, the first thing we have to do is activate it. This is something that we can do from the Android settings, although the section where this option is found may vary between layers of customization. In the case of Samsung’s One UI, the steps for its activation are:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to the section called Lock Screen (in other layers it is on Screen).
  3. Look for the Always on Display option.
  4. Activate this option.

In addition, you have to take a detail into account and that is that when using this mode, some battery is spent. Although, since it is an OLED or AMOLED panel and most of the pixels on the screen are off due to the black background, consumption is reduced. In some phones, like the first Samsung models to use it, the consumption is usually an additional 3%. It is not something that is going to have an excessive impact, but it is good to know that you are going to consume something.

Customize this feature on Android

Customize Always on Display

The Always on Display Mode usually also supports some customization options, such as the style of the clock that we want to use to display in it, as well as the colors. The customization options also depend on the brand, although most Android brands that use this feature allow you to choose from a variety of watch styles and colors. The steps to customize this watch are:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Enter Lock Screen.
  3. Go to the Always on Display section.
  4. Tap Clock Style.
  5. Choose the type of watch you want and change the colors to your liking.
  6. In the previous section, configure the orientation of the text.
  7. Configure whether you want this mode to be activated by pressing a button or to be always active on your mobile.

With these simple steps you will have personalized its appearance, making it more suitable to what you want and showing it in a way that is comfortable for you.

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