How to Access iCloud on Android and Available Features

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Table of Contents

iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage service. But it is not only used to store files. It also acts as an email server, as a contact list, and as a calendar. In addition, it allows you to synchronize photos between different devices. Although the integration with the Apple ecosystem is complete, the user experience worsens if you want to use iCloud on Android. However, all is not lost. In this article we help you set up Apple cloud on Android and we explain what you can do with it.

Set up iCloud email on Android

To get started, we explain how you can set up Apple email on Android. The first thing you should do is create a specific password. This is necessary for security reasons. To do this, go to your Apple ID management page and log in.

Sign in to Apple IDSign in to Apple ID

Next, click on Security.

security optionssecurity options

Tap on the link Generate password.

Generate new passwordGenerate new password

Enter a name for the password and use Create to continue.

5 Name the password5 Name the password

Copy the randomly generated password.

Copy newly created passwordCopy newly created password

Now, open Gmail and click on Add an email address.

Add new account to GmailAdd new account to Gmail

Choose Other.

add another accountadd another account

Enter your iCloud email address and the password you just created.

Enter credentialsEnter credentials

Uses Next to finish the process.

Finish setupFinish setup

Although this method allows you to access your mail, it will not help you to consult your calendar and your contact list. However, you can access this information if you use other better integrated mail managers, such as Outlook.

Other iCloud Features from the Web

Beyond mail, calendar, and contacts, iCloud is only accessible from the web. Therefore, you must use Chrome or your preferred browser to log in.

Sign in to iCloudSign in to iCloud

On the initial screen, all available services are displayed.

All services availableAll services available

First of all, you can see your photos. In addition, it is possible to download them, add them to an album or delete them.

iCloud Photos from the webiCloud Photos from the web

Second, you can write notes and manage them.

iCloud Notes on the webiCloud Notes on the web

Finally, iCloud Drive and Reminders are functional and allow basic management. There is the ability to upload files, create reminders, and mark them as completed.

iCloud Drive on the webiCloud Drive on the web

Although all these services are available through web access, the truth is that user experience is very poor. It is true that iCloud web access can get you out of trouble at a specific time, but it is not recommended if you are looking to make intensive use. Services such as iCloud passwords, Apple’s office suite, messages in the cloud or Health data are left behind.

Transfer music from iCloud to Android

Many users use iCloud to store music. This service is known as iTunes Match and, today, it is fully integrated with Apple Music. Therefore, if you want to access your music library, download and install its official application. You can use the link you have below.

Once installed, sign in with your iCloud account.

Sign in to Apple MusicSign in to Apple Music

Now, browse the app to see your playlists, your library, and all the music you’ve uploaded to iCloud. In this case, most of the actions are available, such as downloading music to listen to it offline, searching and playing any song, creating lists and complete library management. Don’t forget that all the changes you make to Apple Music for Android will be synced through iCloud and will be visible from other devices.