How to access all the categories secret of Netflix

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Netflix you have a catalog huge of movies and series, so it is very complicated to divide all this content into categories. By default, the application are a few categories, but Netflix divided the catalog in more than 27,000 themes. Do you want to have access to all? With a simple application you will be able to access them.

Watch movies and series from Netflix is as easy as downloading the application to the mobile from the Google Play store and being advised by all of your suggestions. Usually, Netflix tends to offer recommendations on the spot, but it’s not always easy to find content related to very specific. To do this, NetCodeFlix offers access to thousands of categories secret of Netflix so that it’s easier to find something new to see.

Find something you see among the thousands of categories secret

Codes Secrets Netflix Categories secret of Netflix

Netflix categorizes every movie and series in a very concrete way, but all these codes are not displayed on the application because they are hidden. And it is logical that the list is endless: Netflix has more than 27,000 subjects. For example, imagine that you’re looking for documentaries: there are documentaries on military, historical, scientific, social and so on, until a long etcetera. And NetCodeFlix greatly facilitates the task of locating all of those secret codes.

The app that we recommend is simple, does not ask for more permissions that the access to the network to download the data base with the categories and it has the disadvantage that it is in English. Even so, it can be used: it does not cost much to understand what is the meaning of each category.

Once open NetCodeFlix you will see the main categories in the menu ‘Categories’. Here are distributed the themes essential as well as your nested of more use: click on the square icon with the arrow (to the right of each category) and open the relevant topic in Netflix. As is obvious, you need to have installed the app of Netflix on the phone and have the service.

Secret codes Netflix Categories hidden Netflix after clicking on NetCodeFlix

Do you want access to all categories secret of the streaming platform? The menu ‘All codes’ of NetCodeFlix (the second bottom from right) gives you the never-ending list with all the codes. You can open each theme in the app of Netflix, and save it as a favorite in NetCodeFlix by clicking on the heart icon. Taking into account the thousands of categories secret, we recommend that save as preferred each theme that you like.

NetCodeFlix is a free app, has no ads and no permissions strange. It is perfect for finding new content on Netflix: very useful if you get tired of what you suggests usually.



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How to access all the categories secret of Netflix

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