How they work the Adventures with your partner in Pokémon GO

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Table of Contents

Your system is working basically to spend more time with a creature and grant it the necessary care, as if a pet is involved. Not everything is a bed of roses, because this friendship will require a system of levels to go to improve it, so we will discuss various tips on how to activate this function and make progress in it.

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO

What are the Adventures with your partner?

It is a question of choice, from our Pokédex, to our favorite pet, the one that worship him during childhood in the animated series. It is the one that we will share many hours in the game, so the choice should be ideal. However, if for any case we repent, we can change partner whenever we want without losing the partner pokémon go

We must attend to their care and to meet together several objectives, like capture new Pokémon or find items. If for some reason, it appears that function, perhaps it is because we have disabled the option of “Talent partner”located in the settings menu of the game.

The levels of friendship and its rewards

As we mentioned, the affinity between player and Pokémon passed through a levels of friendship if we increase, we will get our pet to perform more tasks and get more rewards. Before that, we have to feed him with berries to go gain confidence, and to do this just click on “Play”, in the menu of your partner. Once there, the augmented reality will be activated and will launch a new berry to our Pokémon as food.

Good companion

After offer berries to eat, it is the most basic level that we. It will do nothing for us, simply appears on the map along with our avatar for consult your state of mindin addition to view it through the camera.

Great companion

From here, we started to give tasks to that you perform, such as providing us with life to catch other creatures, or to find objects and gifts for us, if these are located far from our location.

Excellent companion

After you feed him and take care of it as if a baby is involved, we are gradually increasing the level of friendship with our Pokémon. At this stage, we will find relevant locations, whether for objects or creatures less common to see, as well as souvenirs scattered around the map.

Excellent companion

At this level, we find the maximum elevation of this prolific friendship. As a symbolic act, we will receive a enhancer PC for our partner in the fighting, and will wear a ribbon of a better companion. There the story ends, if we want to continue preserving our pet’s company, we must give you eat and keeping your health bar.

How to increase friendship faster

Obviously, this scale in the levels of friendship in need of a progress. This progress is accomplished by performing a series of daily tasks, which we are going to present to reach the maximum level much sooner than expected. With this we will get hearts of affection, which will allow us to expand the friendship.increase friendship partner pokémon go

  • Walking together: it Is the most widely used remedy, because while we play Pokémon and GO looking for souvenirs or new creatures, we can walk with our companion. So, we will create up to 3 hearts daily, one for every 2 miles.
  • Play together: it Is important to share moments with the pet to go picking up affection, and thus to increase level quickly. The game offers you, through augmented reality, various interactions such as stroking.
  • Fight with the partner: we Can use it to fight against the coaches from other gyms or in raids, which will give us a heart journal.
  • Taking a picture: If we take multiple snapshots with the Pokemon, this will cause you to feel happy and more akin to us.
  • Get Pokocho: To achieve this, we must buy it at the game store, in exchange for 100 Pokémonedas. It is a kind of bread that will prolong the time that the Pokémon stay with us on the map, that is to say, we can forget the berries for a while.
  • Visit new places: Discovering new places or corners of the map, it will also make the friendship increased.

All of this we can put it into practice with all the Pokémon you want. In fact, the game allows us to change your companion up to 20 times a dayso that will give us the chance to get more hearts and better rewards. As is obvious, we’re not going to walk 6 kilometres with each Pokémon, that is something humanly impossible, but yes we can play with them or fight from home.