Houseparty, the app to connect with friends and family

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Table of Contents

Thanks to this app, we can make video calls with the contacts of our agenda, but it also adds certain functions so that it is not a simple conversation. Basically, that offers the app is a series of games super interactive to enjoy both with people away from home, as the family that we have within it, which we are going to show you the context below.


All you can do at Houseparty

Obviously we can leave it at a simple video call, but for that we believe that there are better alternatives, with better implementation in the operating system, since this presents some problems in the sample of notifications of other apps. However, we have the ability to add contacts as address book and from Facebook, to sustain conversations with up to 8 people simultaneously.

Heads Up!

Keep in mind, that the app is only available in English, it is for this reason that the names are in this language. However, we are going to explain to understand in Spanish, and that is that this game is a classic in friends gatherings and private parties.

Houseparty, the app to connect with friends and family 1

A person places a card on the front, in this case the mobile screen, and you must guess who it is. Meanwhile, the rest of the participants should give clues to guess it. Obviously the topics can be varied, such as series, films, drawings or objects. In short, a version very similar to the ‘who is Who’ of life.


This well-known game is transformed into a whole range of options within the app, as it has modes of different topics for guess. Quizzes about geography, sport, fashion, superheroes… Also includes modalities very fresh as you discover a crime or to finish the lyrics of a song.

Houseparty, the app to connect with friends and family 2

A trivial, as we know of other titles that have already been consolidated as Asked, offers a series of questions following that must be answered in a given time, although here is added the difficulty that there are more contestants simultaneously, so that rewards speed.

Chips and Guac

It may be that by the name not sound too much, but basically, it is a game of word association. It is similar to the exercises of the institute, those in which you had to associate concepts with the exact word that defined it. To do this, you will need more than two players to begin the game.

Quick Draw!

It is based on the operation of the Pictionary online, where appears a word for one of the players, this will represent that of the most accurate way possible, or at least a hint of clarification. The rest of the participants must guess, through the camera, the subject or word that you are representing.

Houseparty, the app to connect with friends and family 3

This app works the same way, although in a more limited way, since at the time of the draw we have a lot less options. There is only one color (black), and another button to erase what is drawn, nothing more.