Honor begins the post-Huawei era: work on mobiles with Google services

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Honor is a brand that has lost popularity in Spain due to the veto that Huawei (the former parent company) suffers. Last November, after months of rumors, Huawei sold its secondary brand. One of the implications for the brand by not being part of the Huawei group is that the veto that prevented them from using Google apps and services is no longer valid.

Honor wastes no time and begins its new era separate from Huawei. They do so by working on a new range of phones, the first models of which are expected this year. The big news will be the presence of Google services and applications on these devices from the Chinese manufacturer.

Honor returns to Android

These are the Honor phones that will update to Android 10 Q

At the moment there are few details about these brand plans. What is known is that Honor works on a new range of phones where will use Google services and applications again, like in the past. This will allow the brand to use Android normally and not have the limitations that it has suffered in recent times.

The brand has been releasing phones that haven’t been able to use Google apps and services for just over 18 months, with a notable drop in sales in markets such as Europe. So being able to use these Google apps and services again could be a boost and help them make up some lost ground. Although it is somewhat complicated, due to the advancement of brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo.

It seems that the Honor V40 that is presented this week would still arrive using HSM (Huawei Mobile Services), but that we can soon expect models to be launched without them. Some media suggest that these first phones of the brand with Google services and applications would arrive from the month of April. In addition, it would be a new range of smartphones, so it would not follow the numbering or names of previous ranges of the Chinese manufacturer.

The Honor entry begins the post-Huawei era: it works on mobiles with Google services appears first in The Free Android.