Google’s art app takes you to the National History Museum in London

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Google Arts & Culture is an application that has gained popularity among users in Spain this year. Thanks to this application we can turn our living room into a museum or help us discover the most interesting museums around the world, as well as transform our photos into works of art. A new feature comes to the app today.

Google Arts & Culture joins forces with the National History Museum, London to enjoy the new exhibition at the museum, which has been inspired by the magical world of Fantastic Animals and where to find them. This exhibition will allow you to discover what is real and what is magic in a fun way.

Discover the National History Museum with Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture museum London

This exhibition will allow fans of the saga to discover the connections between the real world and the imaginary world, as well as the inspiration behind these films. Thanks to Google Arts & Culture users you will be able to tour this exhibition in 360 degrees and thus be able to see everything that is in it, without having to leave the living room of your house. In this exhibition you can learn more about nature, animals, evolution and the threats of natural habitats.

With the help of some of the museum’s 300 scientists and curators, 20 new digital stories can be discovered, in which to learn about certain artifacts or species. In these stories we can learn about the complexity and fragility of nature, to learn more about 100 specimens from the collection of this Museum of Natural History. In addition, you will be able to find artifacts from the Fantastic Beasts movies and where to find them.

Google Arts & Culture national history museum

Google Arts & Culture introduces also a multiplayer puzzle game With which to challenge your friends once you have seen this new exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London. You can also create your own fantastic animals with the help of special coloring books. So you can have fun after visiting this exhibition. To see it in the app on Android you have to follow these steps.

  1. Open Google Arts & Culture on your Android mobile.
  2. Search for Fantastic Beasts.
  3. Comes down.
  4. Enter to see exhibition.
  5. If you want to discover more about animals, click on discover animals.
Google's art app takes you to the National History Museum in London 1


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