Google would have forced Xiaomi to specify that their mobile use their services

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Google would have forced Xiaomi to specify that their mobile use their services 1

In the last few days have begun to reach out to various media for the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro, the best mobile ever made with Xiaomi, which at this time are in the centre of the controversy due to…the box of the device itself.

In an era in which Huawei, which until recently was the second largest mobile phone maker in the world, you may not sell mobile phones with Google services, any movement that stresses that other phones carry Android makes it especially strange. Already it seemed to us rare the emergence of Google in the event of the Galaxy S20, and the more unlikely it is even with the new controversy.

The box of My 10 Pro specifies that you use the services of Google

Google would have forced Xiaomi to specify that their mobile use their services 2Box official Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro (Source: XDA Developers).

Part of the work of marketing sometimes is not so much to highlight your virtues, but more to point out the defects of the competition. In an era in which Huawei may not use the services of Google, the fact that Xiaomi specify that their mobile phones have easy access to Google applications that you use has raised controversy. The reason is that it could be that Xiaomi introduced that message on purpose to position itself as a better alternative to the mobile phones of Huawei.

Is that true? According To Xiaomi, the decision would not have been your own but from Google, in which a new agreement forces them to add the text in the box. This would be their official statement:

The official statement from Xiaomi

“We have established that there is a discussion of the packaging of the phones from Xiaomi in the west. Explain what happens to avoid any misinterpretation as possible.

This text is part of the promotion requirements of our partners in the last agreement of cooperation, similar to the “Powered by Android” displayed on Android phones and the “Intel Inside” on computers.

Because the previous version of the agreement between Xiaomi and its partners has expired, Xiaomi is among the first manufacturers to use the new version of the cooperation agreement, and also the first manufacturer to launch a new product under this new agreement.

We hope that the manufacturers of mobile global can cooperate quickly with all partners to create an ecosystem richer.”

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The assumption agreement of which he speaks Xiaomi does not make reference to the packaging

XDA Developers has been able to access the required document for the mobile services of Google in its latest version, in relation to a source close. In said document it is mentioned that there should be the Android logo in the boot screen of the system, but does not say anything about the packaging.

Google would have forced Xiaomi to specify that their mobile use their services 3

1.3 Trademarks Android and Google.

Startup screen “Powered by Android”.

[GMS-M-1.3-001] The purpose of the start screen “Powered by Android” is to make clear to consumers at the global level that the device is compatible with a version of Android. You must be displayed during the boot sequence according to the guides of styles published in the Hub of Marketing for Partners.

  • The new devices launched with Android 10 or above, as well as new devices that were released after 1 January 2020 must use the home screen with both brands.
  • Devices updated to Android 10, and devices that will upgrade to Android 10 are highly recommended that use both brands.

A senior engineer of Xiaomi has confirmed in your account Weibo that the same logo that is in the box of Xiaomi will also appear in new mobile phones as the next flagship of Motorola. It is rumored that a manager Live has confirmed the veracity of this requirement, but there are no sources that corroborate.

From The Android Free we have contacted Google Spain and with Xiaomi Spain to have access to official information. We will update the article when we have more information.

The entry of Google would have forced Xiaomi to specify that their mobile phones are using their services appears first in Android Free.