Google will launch a version of Android for virtual machines, Microdroid

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Android, Android Go or Android AOSP are known versions for users in Spain. To this list a new name will be added in the near future, because Google is working on a new version for virtual machines. This new version would be launched under the name Microdroid, according to what has been learned.

Microdroid would be a minimalist image of Linux Android-based. In other words, it will be an even more cropped version of the GSI images. The goal of this project may be to enable the running of a miniature version of Android to enable the virtualization of an individual Android application.

Microdroid is coming very soon

Microdroid Android code

It has been in the AOSP source code Android 12 where it has been possible to see this new miniature Android, which would be launched under the name Microdroid. Some details about this new version are already mentioned, which, as we have said, will be a minimalist image of Linuz, which will be based on Android and is intended to be used in virtual machines. It will arrive as an even more cropped version of the generic Android images.

Microdroid will also be included in the APEX virtualization module. There are doubts about the use or purpose of this, especially since Google has not said anything yet officially. Rumors suggest that Google would be working on bringing KVM virtualization system from Linux to Android. This would increase security by loading code with high privileges in a virtual machine, at the same level as the operating system.

Due to this virtualization, this new version would be used, which would be a version where the minimum of Android is, so that it can be run virtually. This will allow it to execute that privileged code in isolation from other apps or the operating system itself.

Google has not yet officially confirmed the existence of Microdroid or the concrete plans they have with this version. We will have to wait a few weeks to find out more about these plans, which could be announced with Android 12, but we do not know if it will be ready in time.

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