Google updates its smart screens: new interface, dark theme and more news

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Since Google it launched more than two years ago his first Intelligent Screen its interface has hardly received any major changes. Its second generation launched last year, the range Nest Hub He continued with the same experience, but this is going to change now. As it seems that this year there will not be a third generation, the company is going to give it a facelift to the interface of your smart screens.

Today Google has presented the completely new experience that will begin to arrive at Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max in the coming weeks and that will bring their family of smart displays to daylight to compete against the new Amazon Echo Show. Is about the first major update received by these devices.

The 10 new features of Google Nest Hub

  1. New visual experience to start the day: A new home screen will say good morning to you. The page “Your morning” will show you the time, events, alarm and home automation control to turn on the light in your room. Throughout the day this page will change to show the recommendations for “Your afternoon” and “Your night”.

  2. Control the whole house in one place: The new “Home Control” page will allow you to control connected devices throughout the house under its new interface.

  1. Entertainment for the whole family: On the third page we find the “Media” section. There we can listen to music, podcasts or watch our favorite videos or series. It will show us suggestions for our Disney +, Netflix, YouTube and Spotify subscriptions.

  2. More tools to stay in touch and be productive: At the end of this year Zoom will hit smart screens. The “Communicate” page will allow us to initiate a call or video call from Duo, Meet and Zoom.

  3. Make sure you are always in the picture: In the Nest Hub Max, during a video call from Google Meet, the image is will automatically frame to keep the camera focused on you when you move. They also add new options to cancel, reschedule meetings and send messages with Meet.

  4. Discover other useful features: The fourth and last page of the new experience is called “Discover” and there we can explore everything that can be done with its smart screen.

  5. All your accounts in one place: Now you can set up multiple accounts to view and interact with all your upcoming events and meetings in one place, without having to switch between your personal or work account.

  6. Dark theme: Now you can switch the new smart screen interface to the new dark theme either manually or automatically so that when there is low light it will put the dark color scheme.

  7. Choose soothing sounds to fall asleep: When the “Your night” page is activated, you will be able to select between different relaxing sounds for sleep. You can activate a timer that attenuates the sound.

  8. The new dawn alarm: Coming soon Sunrise Alarm, an alarm that will begin to gradually brighten the screen 30 minutes before the alarm sounds. So will mimic the sunrise so that it wakes you up naturally.

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Google updates its smart screens: new interface, dark theme and more news

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Google updates its smart screens: new interface, dark theme and more news 1

Google updates its smart screens: new interface, dark theme and more news 2