Google Street View wants you to do its job: you can upload your own photos

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One of the best ways to visit virtually any part of Spain and practically the rest of the world is through Google Street View. This tool is usually linked to Google Maps, although it has its own application to be able to explore through 3D photographs wherever you are.

One of the key features of Street View is that the shots are usually captured by Google vehicles, which are equipped with a special camera capable of 360-degree capture. The system, although efficient, is not perfect, and Google wants to supplement it with 3D photographs of users.

Google Street View wants to eliminate its weakness

We live in a world that is continually changing at a rate that Google Street View cars are unable to navigate. Depending on where we live, we can even travel to a time when our current house appears as a lot in Google Street View (as is the case of the construction that is in front of my house) and despite how fun it is, Google does not seems to be amused by having outdated maps.

Expanding the fleet of cars dedicated to Street View does not seem to be a valid solution due to the increase in costs (and it would not change the order of updating much either) and the option they have thought is rather to allow the users themselves to help enhance Street View with your images.

The company has added a function that, on mobiles that have ARCore augmented reality technology, can press a button and start recording at any angle and direction to create their own Street View, which we can share within the Google platform.

We will not be able to test this new feature yet, as it is initially available in beta form in Toronto, Canada, New York, NY, Austin, TX, as well as in Nigeria, Indonesia and Costa Rica. Google indicates that it will reach more regions soon, although they have not specified much either.

Google Street View wants you to do its job: you can upload your own photos 1


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