Google redesigns the integrated Google Search browser

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The fact that Android is an operating system used by more than 80% of the people in Spain means that there are many ways to deal with mobile browsing. I, for example, always open Chrome, but many people open the navigation from the desktop search bar and others from Discover.

Google has integrated a navigation engine in its main application that allows us to open a link quickly, in addition to giving us some options, without having to open the browser.

This feature has recently changed its interface, moving the buttons and options to the bottom of the screen.

This is the new navigation of the Google app

Google redesigns the integrated Google Search browser 1

If we have installed the trial version of the Google app, 11.43, and we open a link from Discover, for example, we will see that the interface is not the same as it was until recently.

The new interface offers four buttons at the bottom:

  • Two navigation buttons between webs, to go forward or backward.
  • Button share, which will now open the send to any app menu, as in the rest of the applications.
  • Button options, that will allow us to reload the page, search for a text, open the settings or send the web to Chrome to navigate from there.

Google redesigns the integrated Google Search browser 2

Within the settings of this last option we can modify the function of browsing safely or deleting the browsing data.

At the moment this interface is in the beta version of the application but it will surely end up reaching the stable one because it makes more sense to have the options in the lower area, to be able to use them without needing both hands.

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