Google Recorder will make transcripts easier to navigate

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Last year the Google recorder came to the Pixel, although other Android mobiles in Spain can download it as well. This application makes use of machine learning to offer functions such as real-time transcripts. In addition, with the passage of time improvements have been added to the application, such as its editor.

It is the turn of a new improvement for the Google recorder application, which introduces the Smart Scrolling function. This feature will make it easier to navigate transcripts by selecting the most important words in the transcript, which will then be displayed in a vertical sidebar.

Google Recorder keeps getting better

Google smart scrolling recorder

Thanks to the use of machine learning, the Google Recorder will be able to select keywords in a recording, which will then be highlighted in the transcript, when we are browsing it. The application will indicate these highlighted words, so that we can move more quickly in the transcription itself, since when clicking on one of them, we are taken to the part of the transcription where it is.

A learning model is used that extract the keywords in each section of the transcript, while a second part selects which sections in the text are most informative. In addition, it has the ability to analyze the context of each word in the text, in order to select these keywords in it.

According to the company itself, the model used in the Google recorder is so light that it will be able to run from device without connection. To determine if a word is relevant, it will be seen how many times it appears in the text, if it is a very specific word and other data will be analyzed. So it is expected that it will be quite accurate in its operation.

This new feature in Google Recorder has already been tested on the Pixel 5. For now it is unknown when it will reach other phones of the brand, although there will surely be more news about it soon.

The Google Recorder entry will make it easier to navigate transcripts that appear first in The Free Android.