Google recorder is updated with support for external microphones

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The Google recorder is an application that the Pixels in Spain have natively, in addition, it is possible to download it on other Android phones. In recent months the application has obtained a series of new functions, such as its spectacular audio editor. Google continues to launch improvements to the application, as is now the case in its new version.

Version 2.1 of the Google recorder is official and in it we find a significant improvement in the application. The support for Bluetooth headsets and external microphones in it, to record without using the phone’s microphone.

Google Recorder keeps getting better

Google Recorder new settings

Until now, the Google recorder could only record audio using the phone’s microphone. For those users who use Bluetooth headphones or a headset with a microphone and do not always have the phone at hand, they could not get the most out of the app. The new version of it, with number 2.1, already has the ability to detect external microphones, including headsets with Bluetooth.

In the application settings, in the microphone section, we now have two options: Auto detect, which automatically switches to connected microphones (wired or Bluetooth) and Always use phone microphone which forces the app to capture only audio from the device’s microphone. Thus, users will be able to select the preferred option to capture that audio.

When recording any audio, the Google recorder will indicate at the bottom of the screen where does this audio come fromEither the phone or an external microphone. This new feature can be especially useful in combination with Google Assistant, by being able to give the assistant commands to start a recording, all without having to hold the phone, making it comfortable for many users.

Google Audio Source Recorder

This new version of Google Recorder is starting its deployment in the Play Store now. You can also download it as an APK directly from APK Mirror. If you have the app installed on your mobile, you shouldn’t have to wait long to get this new version.

Google recorder is updated with support for external microphones 1


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