Google prepares a debit card integrated with Android, according to the latest leaks

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In the same way that Apple launched its Apple Card last year in partnership with Goldman Sachs, all indicate that Google is also preparing something similar. According to the pictures and details obtained by Tech Crunchseems that in Mountain View are working on a debit card, physical and virtual that would be an app associated to Android and would be fully integrated into the payment system of Google Pay.

This new filtration binds to the statements that you made a responsible of the company to the Wall Street Journal the past month of November, in which he posed that Google was studying how I could partnering with banks and credit agencies in the united States to offer current accounts smart through Google Pay.

Payments online and from the mobile

Google Virtual Card

The images, published by TechCrunch show that Google would be developing its own debit card, physical and virtual, together with an associated current account, will allow users to make payments from your mobile phone or online. This card, as seen in the screenshots, would be connected to a Google application from which we could easily check the purchases and payments, check your balance or block the account.

The middle ensures that the card will be of mark shared with various banking partners, including CITI, and the Stanford Federal Credit Union, so that, as is the case with the Apple Card, would be available initially in the united States. With this, Google hopes to expand its power as the giant of financial technology by expanding the use cases of your service Google Pay.

Although Tech Crunch warns that the design filtration of the card and the application are not final, in the images we can see a chip card of the VISA network and an Android app linked (probably, Google Pay), from which users could add money or transfer funds from your account, as well as using a fingerprint and a PIN code to authenticate.

Google Pay-Debit Card

Once connected to your bank account, users could pay for purchases in retail stores with a debit card physical Google, even with contactless paymentssimply bring it closer to a card reader. The virtual version of the card also could be used for mobile payments with bluetooth, while we use the number of that virtual card for payments online or from the app.

Google Card Privacy Security

In the screenshots of the app, see a list of recent transactions, each with the name of the seller, the date and the price. Entering in each payment, we could see the location on a map, get directions, or call the shop. If the user does not recognize a charge, if you have lost the card or if you suspect that have obtained unauthorized access to your account, there are several security options that would set spending limits, locking the card, request a replacement without stop paying, reset, etc

Although I have not obtained images of this, Tech Crunch asserts that in the configuration options would also have the possibility of set notifications and set privacy controls to “decide what information to share”. The media has asked for this filtration to the company and ensures that Google has not repudiated their findings or assertions; in place of this, he has referred to the statements made a few months ago the Wall Street Journal, and we mentioned at the beginning.

Via | Tech Crunch

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Google prepares a debit card integrated with Android, according to the latest leaks

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Google prepares a debit card integrated with Android, according to the latest leaks 1

Google prepares a debit card integrated with Android, according to the latest leaks 2