Google Podcasts makes it easy to subscribe to podcasts by integrating RSS

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Google Podcasts is an application that continues to gain presence in Spain. A week ago the application exceeded 50 million downloads on Android, an important step in its advance in the market. In the past months, Google has been making improvements to it, such as automatic downloads.

Now is the turn of a new update for Google Podcasts, which introduces a help improvement for more advanced users. In the new version of the Google application it becomes possible to add podcasts to the RSS feed, in order to subscribe directly to them. A simpler way for many users.

Google Podcasts is updated

Google Podcasts RSS feed

Google Podcasts introduces the possibility to subscribe to RSS feeds for private programs. This new function is presented as a good solution for paid content on the platform. Many applications allow the creators of such content to reach their audience through private channels. Therefore, the possibility of adding an RSS feed or channel allows users to always be aware of the latest episodes.

This function is made official in the new version of the application. The users You can go to the Activity section and then enter the Subscriptions tab. In the more menu there is the possibility to add an RSS feed. This will make it easy to stay up-to-date on new episodes in certain shows that you follow in the application.

For content creators who have their programs on Google Podcasts, it becomes a simple method to get all their news to users, especially for those paid content creators. This is an improvement that contributes to the continuous improvement of the application from Google, which has gotten a lot of news in 2020.

The new version of the application where this new function is introduced is now available in the Play Store. If you have it installed on your phone, you can now use the function in your account easily. You can download this new version from the following link:

The Google Podcasts entry makes it easy to subscribe to podcasts by integrating the RSS that appears first in The Free Android.