Google Play presents a system to play faster games and heavy to install only a part of them

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Google Play presents a system to play faster games and heavy to install only a part of them

The Android games are becoming increasingly heavy to include graphics, audio and three-dimensional models of higher quality, hence I Google take a time working on how to lighten the downloads of the same to our phones. Especially for those cases in which we downloaded a first part and then, when you open the game, the title asks of us an extra download. On many occasions, a lot bigger than the initial download.

Now this method has already been presented. Google has called “Google Play Asset Delivery”, something that can be translated as “Delivery of assets in Google Play”, and which consists of an API for developers to adapt their games to the same. Thanks to that API, you can download a first playable of the various titles adapted, and the rest will continue to download in the background so as not to interrupt the experience.

The same download, access much more quickly

As we mentioned earlier, games that are heavier than we found in the Google Play they usually ask for a second download when we open. It may happen that from the apps store of Android will ask us to download a few tens of megs, sometimes a little more, and that when we want to start a game the game ask to download additional much more voluminous: at times the GB of data to complete the full download.

This causes us to have to download the game to 100% on rods parts before you can begin to play, and Google seems to have put an end with their new API “Asset Delivery” for Google Play. Thanks to the advent of this API, Google asks developers to catalogue the files of their games in three fundamental categories: “Install Time”, “Fast Follow” and “On-Demand”. And each one of them has a reason to be quite logical.

Once with the package “Install time” on our phone we can play without any more delay

In packages labeled as “Install Time” we found the necessary for the game to run, and they may include various additional files such as the first levels of the game or the sound files basic, from the sounds of the games to soundtrack. What is necessary so that we can download them and start playing from that time, giving the game a reasonable time to run the second download.

This second download is what Google calls “Fast Follow”and that is the bulk of what is missing from the game to be complete. Thus, we can be playing with the first part installed while our mobile download the “Fast follow” in the background, and that it is available when we get to the part that is required. Finally we have the “On-Demand”. In this part you will find additional content, extra maps and other content that we might need once we complete the game.

We will be able to delete parts of the games to save space


Google also set maximum sizes for each of the packages. For example, the “Install Time” and “Fast Follow” are limited to a single package of 1GB capacity. The “On-Demand”, yes, they can be several to complete the game, but will be divided into packets of 512GB. So, a game of 3GB would contain 1 installation package, 1 Fast Follow and two packets On-Demand additional. But eye, because there is also a limit of packages for On-Demand. May not be more than 48. 50 in total, if we add up the first two. Thus, Google sets a maximum of 26GB of data for games you can take advantage of this Asset Delivery from Google Play.

An installation package, one of below and up to 48 packages with extras

Divide packages On-Demand in blocks of 512MB will also users can delete them individually if you are not going to need them anymore, or if they are parts of the game that have already completed previously, and so being able to free up space on the phone with the game fully active. Not able to delete, logically, or the package Install Time or Fast Follow.

As we can see, Google has devised a system for the download of the games can be done in the background while we’ve already played with the first installation, and at the time he developed a system that will allow to free up space, deleting phone those parts of the game that we don’t need. We’ll see what games start to implement this new Asset Delivery from Google Play.

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Google Play presents a system to play faster games and heavy to install only a part of them

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Google Play presents a system to play faster games and heavy to install only a part of them 1

Google Play presents a system to play faster games and heavy to install only a part of them 2