Google Play Games will make it easier to access all your games

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Google Play Games or Play Games as it is known in Spain has introduced many improvements in its app, such as filters to perform better searches. Google continues to work on improvements for this application, which are expected to arrive soon. The next big improvement will make it easier to access games from your Android phone.

A new feature that will allow you access your games directly from the home screen will be introduced in Google Play Games. This function has been seen in version 2021.01.24213 of the application, which has officially begun its deployment in the Play Store.

Access Google Play Games titles from the home page

Google Play Games folder

What this new feature will do is allow users on Android add a Google Play Games folder on the home screen from their phones. In this folder the games that you have installed on your device will be gathered, thus allowing faster access to them, as they are all gathered in that folder. You will not have to be looking through the apps and games installed on your mobile.

From XDA they have already been able to see the operation of this folder. When you click on it, you can see that it is not just any folder, because it does not show the icons of those games as in other folders. What happens is that Google Play Games activity is displayed, allowing you to click on a game to open it. In addition, clicking on the arrow icon will take you to Play Games.

This folder is especially comfortable, as it is not necessary to create it manuallyIt will be created automatically. In addition, all the games are grouped in it, so that you can have access to them at all times and open the game you want to play at that specific moment. The folder will also allow you to sort the games, either alphabetically or by the ones you played most recently.

Google has not yet provided information on this folder or the date it will be released. Although considering that it is already shown in the application code, it should not take too long to be available to all users.

Google Play Games will make it easier to access all your games 1


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