Google Photos will introduce a long-awaited improvement in the editing of videos

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In our account in Google images, you can store both images and videos, which we can now easily share with friends. In addition, the application gives us the possibility of perform certain editing tasksto get the desired result with these pictures or videos. Google is working on improving the editing options available in the application, as it has been able to discover now.

There are times in a video that we have recorded, the sound is annoying and does really nothing to this video, actually makes the experience worse. Google Photos working on a function that will allow to remove the sound of these videosso they have a free video of any sound or audio annoying in a simple manner.

Editing videos easier

Google Photos will introduce a long-awaited improvement in the editing of videos 1

For the moment, little is known about this function in Google Photos, although it has been possible to see a screenshot where you see the new video editor in the application. In this interface, you can see that there is a Mute icon (Mute) that is designed to delete the audio from the video in its entirety. A really simple way, which will allow editing very comfortable for the user.

Delete the audio of a video is not something really simpleespecially for users without experience in video editing. So this function would make this much more accessible for all users on Android. Unfortunately, at the moment it is unknown when they will introduce this feature in an official way in the application.

You can see that it is working on the introduction of this function in Google Photos. The interface of this new feature in the video editor is ready indicates to us that it is already very advanced, so probably in a few months will be able to use the function. Probably they are doing testing now, testing the proper functioning of the same. We hope that you will know more about it soon and we can delete the audio of a video in a simple way thanks to the application.

The entrance to Google Photos will introduce a long-awaited improvement in the video editing appears first in Android Free.