Google Photos will introduce a button to mute videos

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So is the new dark mode Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the most used applications in Android, in addition to being one of the most updated. A few days ago that the app was being renovated in a radical way, with a few functions that are already reaching users in Spain. In addition, they continue to work on introducing new features, such as a whose deployment has already given beginning.

Thanks to the new function it is possible to mute videos in Google Photos. When playing back a video in the application, if we have videos in the gallery, the only way to control the volume is with the volume of the phone. Now, the application will mute a video that we are playing.

Mute videos on Google Photos

Google Photos will introduce a button to mute videos 1

This function is a different one to be able to mute videos, removing the sound, at the time of editing, a function that is not yet released in Google Photos. In this case it is mute the video when you are playing on the phone. An option that until now was not possible within the application.

Thanks to the same, when playing back a video, in the bottom right, next to the playback bar, you’ll see a volume icon. When you click on the same muted that video. An icon that we already know, because many applications are also used, which with a touch will allow us to mute the video that you are playing on the phone. Very comfortable if at a given moment we want to see a video, but we don’t want to sound.

This feature is coming with the new design of Google Photos, which was launched few days ago in an official way. So if you have still the old design of the app, you will not be able to use even this muffler volume in the application. It seems that it is launching this function from the server sideso that you will have to wait still a little to be able to use it to mute videos when you play back from the same.

Google Photos will introduce a button to mute videos 2

The entrance to Google Photos will introduce a button to mute videos it appears first on The Android Free.