Google Photos prepares payment functions integrated into Google One

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Google has operational some of the most used applications in the world: Gmail, Google Maps, Google Search … but the last success was Google Photos, an application that seems to me a revolution, especially because of how it has spread among the most casual, at least in Spain.

This service allows unlimited storage of our photographs, and until now we could use it in full without paying anything, unless we wanted the photos not to be compressed at all or print albums.

This seems to be coming to an end shortly.

First paid features in Google Photos linked to Google One

Google Photos prepares payment functions integrated into Google One

Let’s make it clear that Google Photos is not going to become a paid app overnight. What they have discovered in XDA by investigating the APK of the latest update of the application is that Google would be studying implementing some functions in the app that only Google One members could use.

This service has a free version, which we all have by virtue of having an account, but the normal thing is that these functions are restricted to those who use Google One in its paid version.

For now we do not know what these new functions will be.

New editing features

We have also started to see some news related to editing the photos, where there would be new filters that will be suggested automatically, such as HDR, Dynamic or Vivid.

Google Photos prepares payment functions integrated into Google One

Sky Edition on MIUI

Along with that, it seems that it works in a edit the skies in our photos, to be able to replace them as is done in the MIUI gallery app, a very striking function that will surely surprise those who have not yet tried it on Xiaomi phones.

It is not known if these new editing functions will be restricted to Google One users, but presumably we will know in a few weeks, when the next updates to the app are released.

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