Google Photos integrates with Maps: see the photos of your trips

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Google Photos is leaving us many news this week, after introducing cinematic photos in Spain yesterday. The app now leaves us with a new function, this time from the hand of Google Maps. Both applications join forces to show you the photos you have taken on your trips, by indicating the photos you took in a certain place on the map.

This integration is made official in Google Photos 5.23, which can be downloaded now on Android. Thanks to this function you will be able to see your trips on Google Maps and then see the images you have taken in each place. A good way to relive your trips or special moments in the app.

Google Photos and Maps join forces

Google Photos Maps integration

You will be shown a map with circles around the places you’ve been and you have taken photos. When you click on that place on the map, at the bottom of the screen, Google Photos will show you the images you took at that site, as well as the date the images were taken. So you can relive these trips without leaving the app.

In case you have had photos in several places on the same day, a tour or itinerary will be displayed, based on the time the photos were taken. You can thus see the evolution of the day on your travels. To see this map with your photos you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Photos.
  2. Click on the Search tab.
  3. Go to the Your Map section.
  4. Click on the map site whose photos you want to see.

With this new feature Google Photos and Maps are a little more integrated. A function with which you can look back at your travels in the popular application, without having to search through albums or wait for memories. If you don’t like this integration, there is the possibility to deactivate it in the application settings.

Google Photos integration with Maps

This integration is already a fact in the new version of the Google application. Those with versions equal to or greater than 5.23 they will be able to enjoy this new section and thus see the photos they have taken around the world. You can download the new version of the app in the Play Store:

Google Photos integrates with Maps: see the photos of your trips 1


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