Google Photos has new automatic layouts for collages

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Google announced a radical change in the way Google Photos is going to use the space of our Google account a few days ago. Despite this, he hopes that many users will decide to pay to continue storing their photos in this service.

To increase the reasons why some would want to stay they have launched a new way to show memories in the form of photos that we have in the application.

For many months now we have had a top row of “stories” showing us past images. Now you will use fun frames to do it.

New templates for memories

One of these new designs has been shown in the official Google Photos account, a kind of blackboard with frames inspired by the photos of the Polaroid cameras drawn that inside show us the photos of memories.

These compositions can be shared with our contacts or with the applications that we have installed, and we can also save them in our gallery. And yes, they will count towards the limit space that we have in our account.

Google Photos has new automatic layouts for collages 1

Two examples of frames used in Google Photos memories

Of course, if we ignore them for a few days they will be automatically deleted. They will work in the same way as the automatic edits, videos and animations that the Google Photos editor suggests to us in a normal way.

To use them we only have to have the application updated to the latest version and wait for the update to arrive through the Google servers.

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