Google Pay update with new app and payment methods

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Google’s idea is to turn this platform into one of the most complete banking payment systems on mobile devices. In this way, it no longer pretends to be a more simplified way to pay in physical establishments, but rather seeks to be a money saving tool to users who use your service.

Google Pay: pay in thousands of stores, websites and apps

A totally renewed application

It is not a simple update that has involved visual or superficial changes in the interface. It is about something else, a total restructuring in the design of the same and a new version of Google Pay. Therefore, we are facing what is a new app which has no link to previous editions.

update google pay design

Its premiere is ahead of the United States with early access from the Play Store. However, the arrival of the new app is expected to the rest of the main countries such as a large part of Europe and the Asian market for the next 2021. Although the specific date is not yet known, we already know the news that we will be able to enjoy.

More news in the Google Pay update

As we have mentioned a few lines above, Google Pay aims to stop being a simple simplified method of payment, but instead wants to use other utilities. That’s why the new Google Pay experience is built on relationships. As if it were a messaging application, we can chat with our friends to send or request money. In addition, we can also create groups to share expenses, dividing the payments.

Without underestimating this novelty, one of the most notable changes that are coming to Google Pay is the possibility of saving money and managing expenses with its app. In this way, it will save money on our purchases thanks to the rewards or offers that we can find when paying at each store.

update google pay friends

You can also link your bank accounts to control all your banking transactions from the Google application. It will automatically organize all our expenses so that we can look up transactions quickly and easily, making queries such as “food,” “last month,” or “restaurants.” It all depends on the labels we establish or on the way the platform identifies the expense, following the guidelines of Fintonic and other similar services.