Google opens the ban on ROMs: the Android 11 code now available

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Lineage OS

A few hours ago Google has published Android 11, a version that reaches several mobiles available in Spain and the rest of the world, such as the Google Pixel and several models of Oppo, Xiaomi, OnePlus and realme.

Although there are many mobile phones presented this year and the previous one that will receive this update sooner or later, there are alsomillions of mobiles that will be left out of this update.

What options do you have if you want to be up to date and have an old mobile? Only two options, or you buy a new mobile, or you install a ROM to the one you already have.

The importance of ROMs and the arrival of Android 11

One of the virtues of Android is its open nature, which allows anyone to access the original code and modify it. This code, known as AOSP, is what allows manufacturers (including Huawei) to create and update their versions of Android, but it is also a tool when it comes to offering freedom to users.

AOSP levelsHow Android works inside.

Thanks to the Android source code, developers can create alternative versions for mobile phones that were already abandoned. This is known as Android ROMs, and Google has just released the code for Android 11, the latest version it just released.

Google opens the ban on ROMs: the Android 11 code now available 1

Let’s be clear, the arrival of the Android 11 source code is not an immediate improvement for any ordinary user, since there is no magic button that compiles this code and installs it on your old terminal. However, indirectly it is something that can benefit you, since for developers to create ROMs it is necessary that the source code is published.

If by any chance you are passionate about creating ROMs or you are curious to know what the Android 11 source code is like or where it is, you can access it from here. You can also get to the Android 11 code documentation by clicking here.

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