Google messages is updated and now allows you to schedule messages

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Google Messages has introduced a number of new features these months, which users in Spain can enjoy, such as message categories. A new feature is starting to come to the Google app now, which some users can use now. It’s about scheduling messages.

Taking note of other applications such as Telegram or Gmail, Google Messages will give users the possibility to schedule the sending of a message they want to send. Thus, they will be able to choose the time at which they want that message to be sent to the selected person. The deployment of the same has already begun.

Google messages will let you schedule the sending

Google messages schedule delivery

The deployment of this function is being carried out via the server, so it may take a few days for it to be available to all users of the application. In this way, Google messages introduces a function similar to the one we have in Gmail, with which we can schedule the sending of any message. To do this, you have to press and hold on the send button, so that the menu appears.

The application gives us a series of predetermined options to schedule that shipment: in the morning, at night or the possibility that we are the ones who let’s choose the date and time for it to be sent. When this message has been programmed, just click on send. Then, on the selected date and time, it will be sent to its recipient, without us having to do anything else.

If you want to modify something, Google Messages allows users to change both the content of the message and the date on which it is going to be sent. By clicking on the option Update message, it will be allowed to change both the date and time of sending and the content of that message. So if you have forgotten something or selected an incorrect time, it will always be possible to change it.

This feature is starting to reach some users of the app, although it will take a few days to be available to everyone. If you use Google Messages on your Android mobile, you will soon be able to schedule the sending of any message with this function.

Google messages is updated and now allows you to schedule messages 1


The Google Messages entry is updated and now allows you to schedule messages, it appears first in The Free Android.