Google Meet video calls already have real-time subtitles in Spain

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Google Meet has become during 2020 one of the most used video calling applications in Spain. This application has been extremely useful for holding virtual meetings or simply attending classes from home. Although the application generally works well, there are always areas where innovation can go a bit further.

One of the characteristics that is leaving us most interesting is the subtitles in real time, a function that has been available in English for some time and that from today is available in several languages, among them Spanish.

Automatic subtitles, in real time and in Spanish: the new Google Meet function

Subtitles are a great tool that beyond our usual use while watching series, they are an excellent accessibility feature that allows people who are deaf or hard of hearing to find out about the content of the videos. Although it is very easy to include subtitles in a pre-recorded video, in real time content it is somewhat more complicated.

The idea of ​​including subtitles to video calls, as simple as it may seem, is a great technological challenge that requires an engine capable of understanding the voice and transcribing what we say with great agility. From now on, when you are in a video call, you can activate the subtitles from the video call’s own settings, choosing the language in which the video call is being broadcast. From that moment on, subtitles will start to appear indicating the user who is speaking, as well as their message.

This feature begins rolling out today for all users, whether they have a free or paid account. In addition to English, automatic subtitles in Spanish (Spain and Latin America), German, French, and Portuguese (Brazil). Google indicates that it can take up to 15 days for all users to receive the feature, so if you open a video call to test and it doesn’t appear, you can

Google Meet video calls already have real-time subtitles in Spain 1


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