Google Meet limits video calls for free users

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In May of this year we told you that Google Meet made its premium features available for free for users in Spain. Thanks to this, a series of additional functions were obtained in the popular Google meetings and video calls application. Those functions that were limited only to companies and the educational environment, reached all users.

One of the functions that was launched in this way for any user on Google Meet was have no time limit on video calls, since in its free version this limit is 60 minutes. A limit that now makes its return for free users in the application.

Google Meet again limits video calls to 60 minutes

Google Meet limits video calls for free users 1

In its official announcement in May, the company itself already confirmed that until September 30 the restrictions were going to be eliminated of time in video calls for free users. That is, they were not going to have the 60-minute limit that they originally had. But now that September 30 is approaching, that time limit is once again a reality for free users on Google Meet.

Therefore, it is not really a surprise, because the company itself had already announced about the end of this limit. Although taking into account that we are facing the second wave of the coronavirus and in more and more countries they are returning to work from home, it is surprising that the company has not extended this period of use of calls without a time limit.

What is not known is how the time limit will be applied In Google Meet, if after 60 minutes it will be impossible to make video calls or if when 60 minutes have been reached, you can simply create a new meeting with the same users, to continue with it, as in Zoom, for example.

In any case, it had already been announced that this time limit would return. So those users who use Google Meet for free will have to take this into account now. Calls in the app are now limited to 60 minutes.

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