Google Maps for Android Auto is renewing its interface

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Android Auto will allow the customization of the launcher

Google Maps will release a new interface for Android Auto. It is a renewal of the application interface for mobile, which is the one that is used if you have a car that is not equipped with Android Auto, something that happens in many cars in Spain. This renewal introduces more elements of Material Design in the application.

Android Auto has its own interface for mobile phones, where we have also the integration with Google Maps. It is here where we are now with the renewal of the navigation application. An update that arrives after you have fixed the connectivity problems in the app.

Google Maps for Android Auto is renewed

Google Maps on Android Auto new design

The interface of Google Maps in Android Auto needed a major renovation. That’s why Google has now introduced more elements of Material Design in it, to update it and make it more modern, more in line with other applications of the brand. This causes us to see buttons floating and floating menu now inside the app.

On the other hand, the corners of the banners are somewhat more rounded. The menus within the application is modified alsoin addition, the app will work better now when using it in landscape mode. Because until now, the menu was occupying too much space. Is now reduced this, so that now you can see the path without problems, while the menu is smaller and is limited to one side.

Google Maps on Android Auto new interface

The update to Google Maps on Android Auto is a reality, but for the moment, not all users have access to this new interface. It seems that is unfolding the same from the side of the serversso that will have to wait for Google to make it available to all users. The update is coming as part of version 10.45 Maps, so that you will ensure that accounts with that.

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