Google Maps already tells you the price of gasoline in Spain

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For several years now, Google has been turning its mapping application, Google Maps, into a kind of virtual Swiss army knife, where we can consult more and more things. The last to arrive in Spain is a function that has already been in other countries for a long time, the fuel price.

Checking the price of gasoline and diesel

As you probably already know, within Google Maps we can search by types of premises, stores and buildings. One of the things that we can look for, and that is very useful, is where there is a gas station.

Google Maps already tells you the price of gasoline in Spain 1

The novelty is that in Spain we already have the possibility of seeing the price of fuels in each of the stations, simply by clicking on the icon of the gas station that we want to consult. To see the price of all fuels we have to follow these steps:

  • We go to the area where we want to search.
  • We are looking for gas stations.
  • We click on the icon of the one we want.
  • At the bottom is the name with the price you have for 95 octane unleaded gasoline.

If we want to see other prices click on the bottom card and the file will open, where we will be told the price of diesel diesel and 98 octane unleaded gasoline and LPG (liquefied vehicular gas).

We do not know how accurate this Google tool will be, but it can help us to compare stations before going rather than to know the price they will charge us at the cent.

The Google Maps entry already tells you the price of gasoline in Spain appears first in El Androide Libre.