Google Lens works in a mode “education” to help you with your homework

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Today, Google Lens has five modes: translator, text, auto, shopping and food. One more is in evidence, as they have been able to discover in XDA analyzing the code of your APK, the mode of education.

The analysis of the APK of the latest version of Google Lens reveals two features that are in development: translations offline and the mode of education. This mode could be something like Socratic, which Google bought a couple years ago.

Google, make me the duties

Two are the novelties of Google Lens that would be on the way. First, several text strings within the application make reference to that in the future it would be possible to download packages translation to make translations without the need of an Internet connection, similar to as happens in the Translator of Google.

In addition, a new mode would be coming to Google Lens: the mode of educationwith the icon of a cap. We have not been able to see the mode in operation, although the accompanying text indicates that “notes to the question of your duties to get help.”


This premise is basically the same Socratic, an application owned by Google and is defined as “an application to help you understand the work at school and university”. In Socratic you have to do exactly the same thing that is suggested on Google Lens: point to a question and to obtain information to answer it.

This is used for different matters, since you can point to equations to get help on how to resolve them and / or to specific questions of other topics for related information. It will not do you homework as such, but it is a help for you to do.

Socratic Socratic, Google

With Google is always a mystery when you will end up enabling this feature for users. The Google I/O is usually the time in which the company is promoting new products such as Google Lens, but this year will not take place. We can only hope.

Via | XDA

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Google Lens works in a mode “education” to help you with your homework

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