Google keyboard updates with better voice typing

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Although terminals such as the Blackberry with a physical keyboard were a success in markets such as Spain, the reality is that, on mobile phones, we stopped writing on everything that was not a touch screen many years ago.

This has led first to an explosion of alternative keyboards (even iOS allows them already) although Google has one of the best, and it is installed by default.

Gboard, Google’s keyboard, has one of the best voice dictations on the market, and now it has been leveled up thanks to the Google Assistant.

Google keyboard changes your voice typing

Google keyboard updates with better voice typing

Some Pixel users are seeing how this application has been updated by showing a small banner that informs them that they already have voice dictation powered by the assistant available.

In this way, it is more reliable to dictate than before, but it also allows us to use voice commands to perform actions, such as deleting all content.

Google keyboard updates with better voice typing

This option is configurable and can be disabled from the keyboard settings menu. At the moment it is only reaching Pixel users who have the latest Gboard beta installed but it is expected that in a few weeks it will reach the stable version of the application.

From there it is up to Google to decide when we can use it in the rest of the mobiles that have Gboard as standard, which are hundreds of millions.

The entry Google keyboard updates with better voice typing appears first in The Free Android.