Google has done it again: the Trusted Contacts app disappears

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At the end of 2016, Google introduced an application designed to put us in contact with people when we are in an emergency. I call her Trusted Contacts and four years later he will erase it from the map.

Trusted Contacts goes to Google’s graveyard

Google has done it again: the Trusted Contacts app disappears 1

In recent years, Google has removed so many services and applications that such action has almost become a meme. There is even a website that compiles the projects closed by the company.

Sometimes it is for little use but at other times the reason is that it does not fit into the vision that the company has at a given time.

Google Maps takes over

Google has done it again: the Trusted Contacts app disappears 2

This time the reason why Google has decided to close Trusted Contacts is because it has integrated its functions into a much more important application: Google Maps.

We began to see this a few months after the original launch and today it is possible to share the location with a contact from Google Maps in a simple way, without having to install anything else. What’s more, there are other applications that allow you to share your location, some well-known too, such as Telegram or WhatsApp.

The problem is that all these alternatives force the user to share the location, while in the app that Google now closes, we could have access to a person’s location continuously, without action on their part, in a emergency. This way it was much easier to locate her in a critical situation.

Will be the December 1, 2020 when the Trusted Contacts app stops working for those who have it installed, but we can download the contacts that we have in it from its website. Of course, from this moment it is no longer available in the Google Play Store.

The Google entry has done it again: the Trusted Contacts app disappears, it appears first in The Free Android.