Google Duo is even better: video calls with up to 12 people

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In the last few days of confinement, the video calls are forming an essential part of our day-to-day. When your only contact is limited to the people you live with at home and you want to keep in touch with the rest of friends or family is the best possible solution.

Group video calls are a way to enjoy those contacts better, and that is that you can gather our group of friends or the entire family. Google Duo was one of the most useful apps for this purpose, with the ability to speak for up to 8 people at once. In these times of confinement, the application of video calls is exceeded, to if same.

  • The creator of the Google Duo confirms the video calls are used more than ever.
  • So has grown the traffic of the internet in Spain.
  • How to convert your phone into a webcam professional free.

The video of the Google Duo are exceeded, up to 12 people at once

Google Duo is one of our services video calls are preferred thanks to their ease of use, integration with devices Google Home and quality of your own video calls. The application, until recently, allowed video calls for up to 8 people, and in the last few hours have increased the limit to 12.

This has been confirmed @Sanazahari, director of product and design on Google. Since Google are grateful that Duo is helping users to be with their loved ones around the world, and given the importance of group video calls have wanted to increase this limit.

Google Duo is even better: video calls with up to 12 people 1

Nothing more to know the news, we have entered into the application to test it. To create a group, just click in the text box in the app to go to contacts, and then later on create group. Where before indicated that you could invite up to 7 people, now lets you invite 11 (12 persons at the same time, by not including us in the invitation).

This functionality has been deployed from the servers of Duo so that it is not necessary to have up-to-date the application (although useful if you don’t it appears). If it still will not let you, you may have to wait a few hours, but this should not lack.

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