Google Duo improves video calling: up to 32 participants

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Google Duo improves video calling: up to 32 participants 1

The applications of video calls have become an option especially popular during the confinement in Spain, the figures show. Google Duo is one of those apps, which has seen its use has increased during that time. In addition, the application of Google has not wasted the time and has introduced several improvements.

Already in march widened the number of participants in the video call up to 12. The application now displays a new improvement among the users in Android. Google Duo introduces group video calls with up to 32 participants in its update. A further improvement in this app, which will allow for larger groups.

Google Duo continues to improve

Google Duo

This new feature is being rolled out already among the users of the Google Duo to Android, although it has not yet come to all. It is an improvement that makes reference to the calls within the popular app. An improvement that comes after having introduced only three months ago the possibility of making video calls with 12 members.

It is a further improvement to the application, that is going to allow larger groups to make calls. Especially in companies or groups of students can be something very helpful to be in contact. In addition, it will allow to send video messages inside of such call group in the application.

This possibility of have up to 32 participants it was available in its web version, but is now launched for Android phones. Already in may he fell that he was going to enter the same, although they have not given dates for its official launch in phones. In the app it displays a message to enter, which reports on this new feature.

This is an upgrade that it is being deployed from the servers sideso you can’t do anything. Just make sure you have Google Duo updated to the latest version and it will be a matter of waiting then for Google to deploy this function. There are already users that have access to the same, but is not yet widespread even among all the users of the application in Android.

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