Google Duo comes to Android TV: you can now make calls and video calls from your TV

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Google Duo Android TV video calls

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that Google was going to bring its video calling applications to televisions with Android TV. Thanks to this, users in Spain they will be able to install Google Duo on their televisions and make video calls from them. The time has come, because the application can now be installed on TVs.

It’s already possible install Google Duo on Android TV from the Play Store to make calls. At the moment, because the deployment has just started, you can only call and not receive calls, although this should change shortly, as the application is deployed.

Google Duo comes to Android TV

Google Duo Android TV

Users can install Google Duo now on a TV or Android TV device. Once the application is installed, you will be asked to log in using the Google account or the associated phone number, since the app has supported both options for a few months. When the process is complete, it will be possible to make the calls and video calls of the application from the TV.

The operation of the application on a television has not changed from operation on a phone or tablet. Since the interface remains with hardly any changes, only adapted to the television. Therefore, calls can be made normally, as well as video calls in the case of having a television that has a camera. Also, if a compatible webcam has been connected, it will be possible to use the application’s video calls. As for the audio, it may depend on the device and the location of the microphone, although it has support to use the microphone built into the remote control.

As we mentioned before, Google Duo on Android TV still does not allow you to receive calls on the TV. As this is an initial version, it is something that Google will surely correct soon. Since they will surely launch an update soon, so that you will be able to make both calls and video calls from your television.

The Google Duo entry comes to Android TV: you can now make calls and video calls from your TV, it appears first in The Free Android.