Google Drive will be more secure: it will allow you to handle encrypted files

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Google Drive is a tool that thousands of users in Spain use daily. These months there have been a number of changes to this tool, the most prominent being the change in its trash can. Google is working on introducing new features in this app, one of which could be coming soon and will be a big change in it.

This is a feature that many users have been demanding for a long time. Google Drive will have the possibility to handle encrypted files shortly. This is something that has been seen in the application code, which indicates that it will not take long to arrive.

Google Drive will handle encrypted files

Google Drive encrypted files

XDA Developers has seen in the source code of version 2.20.441.06.40 of the Google Drive app for Android that tests are currently being carried out for introduce support for encrypted files in the app. It is not known at the moment if this function will be launched only in the Android app or if it will also be available in the browser version of this tool.

Today new data about this function has been revealed. For example, it has been seen that the application will allow users encrypt documents that are stored on the device. They will be those documents that are marked as offline, although if this setting is changed, all copies of the device will be deleted.

For now, some doubts have not been resolved, about whether the decryption will take place in Google’s own cloud or the date to be entered this function in Google Drive. At least you can see that the company is testing this feature and the fact that some screenshots of that interface have been seen suggests that it will arrive soon.

Managing encrypted files means that the security level in Google Drive is going to be raised. This will help the Google cloud service to be a more competitive option for those users who are looking for cloud storage, but also greater security.

The Google Drive entry will be more secure: it will allow you to handle encrypted files, it appears first in The Free Android.