Google destroys Google Photos: end to unlimited free storage

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One of Google’s best services, Google Photos, is going to radically change the way it handles our photos, and it is very likely that it will cost us money.

As reported by The Verge, Google has announced that the option to store our photos in high quality in an unlimited way is coming to an end.

Google Photos will have a strong space limitation

After five years of storing photos in the Google application, it is very likely that most users have more than 15 GB. And that will be a problem from July 1, 2021.

That is the day when Google will stop not counting the photos that we upload to subtract them from the 15 GB of the free Google One plan that we all have.

Google destroys Google Photos: end to unlimited free storage 1

From the second quarter of next year every time we upload a new photo, it will count in that storage. This is important, the photographs that we already had will remain and will not count towards the available space, only the new ones that we upload since then.

That is, the photos and videos that we have right now, and those that we upload to Google Photos before July 1, will not count to subtract space from the 15 GB we have in the account.

As of July 1, Google’s virtual memory (which is used not only for Google Photos, but also for Google Drive and Gmail) will fill up, so if we need more space we will have to pay for one of the monthly subscriptions from Google One.

Unlike the exclusive features that were leaked a few days ago, this could make many people pay for Google One.

The only exception will be users of the Google Pixel, the brand’s phones, who will be able to continue uploading photos unlimitedly. For the moment, since nothing confirms that this will not change later.

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